Irina Yagnyatinskaya

Senior IT Director

Procter and Gamble

Education: Mathematics (Theory of Probability, Math Statistics), Actuarial Mathematics

Work experience: 23 years in P&G IT (expat assignments: 3 years in Costa Rica and 4 years in Russia). Variety of roles including hands on Quality Assurance specialist, Project Manager, CIO for P&G Central Europe North, IT for P&G eCommerce Team, Digitization Leader for Product Supply. Currently leading leading Global Cloud Engineering team.

Skills: IT Management, IT Client Management, Product/Service Management, IT Project & Program Management, Strategy, Business Intelligence, Vendor Management, Business Transformation, Leadership, People development, x-functional teams leadership, work-life balance

Personally: dual career at P&G, mother of 3 boys, own a dog (samoyed), love running, sailing with friends, modern visual art, theater, keep taking ballet lessons

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